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LTC class June 21

Our world is changing fast and trouble could be just around the corner. It's time to do all you can to protect those you love. Start by getting your LTC. I know that constitutional carry is just around the corner but you can't just strap on a gun and go wandering around without knowing the law or you very well may end up on the wrong side of the law. Plus there are advantages to having your LTC, like not having to wait on a background check when purchasing a gun. Do you know what reciprocity is? 38 other states recognize our LTC, if you have an LTC you can carry in those states while following their laws, if you don't have a LTC you can't carry in those states.

If you are a new gun owner or have little experience you can sign up for our Fundamentals of Pistol (FOP) class. This is a 2 hour class that will prepare you for the LTC shooting qualification. At the end of this class you will shoot the LTC qualifying course. Our guarantee is if you don't pass the shooting portion of the LTC we will refund your money. You can take FOP before or after the LTC. The FOP is normally $60, if you are signed up for our LTC class the FOP is $40.

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