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As most already know, on Sept. 1 Texas will join 20 other states when it becomes legal in Texas to carry a handgun in public without a License to Carry.  This is a great win for the 2nd Amendment community in Texas.  However, Constitutional Carry does come with laws that must be followed and in many ways are more restrictive than having a License to Carry.  So, on Sept. 1, as long as you can legally own a handgun, you will be able to carry a handgun in public without a license.

Do you know the advantages of having a License to Carry? 

Do you know the Laws that regulate Constitutional Carry?

When you have an LTC, 38 other states recognize your license, meaning you can travel to those states and carry your firearm.

When you have an LTC, you will not be required to get a background check to purchase a firearm and you will be able to receive your firearm upon purchase.

Shield Firearms can help you with which ever carry method you choose.  We offer a class that will explain the Laws regulating Constitutional Carry.  If you choose to get your LTC we are State Certified LTC Instructors.  We also offer NRA Basic Pistol and a 2-hour Fundamentals of Pistol Class.

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