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Pistol 1 Class


This class is by appointment only.

If interested contact Brett at 972-814-7224 or


If you are afraid of guns, unsure of your ability to use one, do not know how to safely or accurately handle one or have never fired a handgun, contact me. I will ease those fears and concerns and help you become a responsible and confident gun owner.

If you are planning on getting your Texas LTC, you will need to know how to shoot to pass the range qualification. At the end of this class we will administer your range qualification then all you need is to take the classroom portion and apply for your license.

I conduct weekly Pistol 1 classes by appointment. I will eliminate your fear of handling and using a pistol.

If you cannot pass the LTC range qualification after my class, I will refund this class fee.

Class sizes are limited to 5 students or less to allow for a more personal experience.

The class runs 3 hours.

The first part of the class will be in the classroom covering:

  • Firearm and firearm safety.

  • Identifying the basic parts of your pistol.

  • Safe loading and unloading of your pistol.

  • Shooting fundamentals.

Then we will move to the outdoor range for shooting drills.

What you need to bring:

  • A semi-automatic pistol or revolver in good and safe working order UNLOADED AND IN A CASE. NO AMMUNITION IN CLASSROOM!

  • 100 - 150 rounds of new commercial ammunition in correct caliber for your gun. (No reloads)

  • Baseball cap recommended.

  • Safety/shooting glasses and hearing/ear protection.

  • Foot wear that covers the entire foot. No sandals or open toe shoes.

  • No low cut tops or blouses. Hot brass will burn.



(If you sign up for our LTC Class the cost for this class is $55.00 and that includes your range qualification.)

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