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Fundamentals of Pistol

Are you a new gun owner? Are you unsure of your ability to use your pistol? We can help you. Our Fundamentals of Pistol class will help you to be more confident in the use of your pistol. As your confidence grows you will be able to focus on the Fundamentals of shooting; stance, grip, sight and trigger. The more comfortable and confident you are shooting your pistol the more you will practice these 4 fundamentals. The class is approximately 2 hours, and the cost is $65. If you register for our LTC class March 5th the cost of the Fundamentals class is $40 and will include the LTC range qualification.

We have a Fundamental class tomorrow Saturday 2/12 at 1:00 pm with 3 spots available.

We have another Fundamentals class Saturday 2/19 at 1:00 pm with 2 spots available.

If you have any questions give Brett a call at 972-814-7224. You can also click the link below for more information.

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