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Prepare for the Unexpected: Comprehensive First-Aid Training

A person experiencing major blood loss from a gunshot wound has approximately three minutes left to live. Don't be helpless—learn techniques anyone can use to try to buy the precious time needed until EMS arrives. No prior first aid or medical training is needed! In this course you will see:

  • Live instruction from our first-aid instructors;

  • Hands-on demonstrations with a course certification;

  • Methods to treat a gunshot wound to the arm, leg, chest, abdomen, head, and neck; and

  • Methods to control shock and to place a victim into a safe position until EMS arrives.

This course was developed by Rick Hammesfahr, M.D., former chairman of the Curriculum and Examination Board (CEB) for the United States Special Operations Command. Under his guidance, the CEB developed Tactical Medical Emergency protocols and techniques currently being used on the battlefield today. Additionally, U.S. LawShield® instructors have years of experience treating a variety of gunshot wounds.

The information provided is solely an overview intended to provide general information and should not be considered legal advice. U.S. LawShield® is a Legal Defense for Self Defense® Program, not a law firm. Membership in the U.S. LawShield Legal Defense for Self Defense Program is not a guarantee of any particular outcome. All legal services are provided by independent third-party program attorneys who are part of the Program. Visit for terms, conditions, restrictions, and insurance licensing information.

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