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Texas LTC Class

With all the chaos and uncertainty, we've seen in the last year; open boarders, Afghanistan, riots, lockdowns, everyone is on edge and trouble could be as close as your next trip to the store or right next door. You just don't know. Your decision to do the right thing now is more important than ever. Make the decision now, be prepared to protect yourself and the ones you love. 

04/03/2022 07:30 am - 02:00 PM
Shady Grove Baptist Church hosted by Shield Firearms
3507 FM 499 Greenville, TX 75401 

The License To Carry class is open to all Texas Residents and most non-residents 21 years of age or older (18 if you are active military) without a criminal record. Our class is led by our Texas Department of Public Safety Certified Firearms Instructor who will teach the law and how to best protect yourselves and your loved ones lawfully.

The class covers Texas Laws pertaining to carrying a handgun:

  • Where you can possess a handgun.

  • Use of force and deadly force.

  • Non-violent dispute resolution.

  • Firearms safety rules.

  • Safe storage and carry of your handgun.

  • Shooting proficiency.

Students need:

  • A semi-automatic pistol, revolver. Minimum 50 rounds of ammunition in the correct caliber for the pistol you bring. No reloaded ammunition.

  • Cap, eye and ear protection and closed toe shoes. Low cut tops are not recommended as hot brass can find its way into sensitive places

  • Pen, Note pad and Highlighter.


 $55.00 Includes Range Fees.

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